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Who is Switched On Australia?
Switched On is a Comms Group business. We operate all around Australia! We offer significant discounts to residential, business, mobile and internet customers simply by paying your account(s) on time! We believe that people should have the right to communicate at the best possible price, with no loss in quality. All profits stay in Australia and create jobs for people in Australia!
Will my number change?
Through working closely with Australia’s other telecommunications networks, we’ve managed to create a diverse a range of packages, perfect for whatever your personal or professional needs might be. If you become a Switched On pre-selected customer, you will get our best rates for local, international, national (STD), and calls to mobiles. You will also have the added advantage of not having to put a prefix in front of every number you call.
What is full service?
When you join Switched On Full Service (all your telephone charges), you are authorising your entire account (not just the one number) to be transferred to Switched On. What that means is that all of the services which appeared on your Telstra bill, will now be billed for you by Switched On . Please make sure that you know what numbers are on your account before authorising the transfer to Switched On.
How long does it take to transfer to Switched On from my current service provider/retailer?
This depends on which services you are bringing across. However, it is a very simple process that usually only takes 10 business days. All phone companies have 30 days to release services so please bear this in mind.
I am experiencing a fault. How do I report and resolve it?
If you have a fault with your land line, mobile service, internet service or modem, call our technical support team on:1300 455 620 and follow the prompts. We are open between the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Saturday or 9am to 5pm Sunday (AEST). Once you’ve done that:a. The fault will be reported and investigatedb. If it is a network fault, it will be fixed as soon as possiblec. If it is a line fault, a Telstra technician will attend your property as usual Our customer support team are happy to explain the charges on your account, or assist you with any other new services you require.
How do I request new lines, relocations, and other product upgrades and services such as line hunt and message bank, etc?
Please talk to our customer support team on 1300 455 620 ; who can organise all of these and more.

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