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Home Talk Plans

HomeTalk Basic Plan
HomeTalk Saver Plan
HomeTalk Choice Plan
HomeTalk Freedom 40 Plan
HomeTalk Freedom 70 Plan
HomeTalk Extreme Plan
HomeTalk Infinite Plan

FlexiTalk Plans

FlexiTalk Freedom Plan
FlexiTalk Extreme Plan
FlexiTalk Infinite Plan

Telstra MobileTalk Plans

MobileTalk Talk ‘N’ Text Plan
MobileTalk T-Freedom Plan
MobileTalk T-Extreme Plan
MobileTalk T-Infinite Plan

NBN Broadband Plans

NBN Saver Plan
NBN Freedom Plan
NBN Extreme Plan
NBN Infinite Plan

FlexiTalk / NBN Bundle Plans

NBN/VoIP Bundle Extreme Plan
NBN/VoIP Bundle Infinite Plan

FlexiTalk / ADSL Bundle Plan

v Bundle Extreme Plan

ADSL Broadband Plans

Broadband Basic Plan
Broadband Saver Plan
Broadband Freedom Plan
Broadband Extreme Plan
Broadband Infinite Plan

Wireless Broadband Plans

Wireless Basic Plan
Wireless Saver Plan
Wireless Freedom Plan
Wireless Extreme Plan
Wireless Infinite Plan

Hometalk / ADSL Bundle Plan – Zone 1 Unlimited

Bundle Unlimited Plan

Hometalk / ADSL Bundle Plan – Zone 2/3 Unlimited

Bundle Unlimited Plan

Previous Hometalk / ADSL Bundle Plans – Zone 1

Bundle Freedom Plan
Bundle Extreme Plan
Bundle Infinite Plan

Previous Hometalk / ADSL Bundle Plans – Zone 2/3  25 Plans

Bundle Saver 25 Plan
Bundle Freedom 25 Plan
Bundle Extreme 25 Plan
Bundle Infinite 25 Plan

Previous Hometalk / ADSL Bundle Plans – Zone 2/3  100 Plans

Bundle Saver 100 Plan
Bundle Freedom 100 Plan
Bundle Extreme 100 Plan
Bundle Infinite 100 Plan

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